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Birchip NW Victoria - The car-towing centre of the universe

Birchip is a great place to fly all year round.  Car-tow launching in the paddocks at Jil Jil thanks to the generousity of the McClelland family.

During summer you can expect booming conditions with 6,000" - 10,000" ceilings,  at other times of the year more challenging lower ceilings & climb rates but still great cross-country potential.   Flying in this dry land, broad acre farming area makes landing paddock selection easy allowing you to focus on staying in the air for longer than you might do in the mountains.

There are two organised events held at Birchip every year.  But pilots are welcome to fly here all year round.  McClelland's will always have fallow paddocks available to use.  Contact Hugh and he can put you in touch.

Flatter Than The Flatlands This car-tow competition has been running continuously since 1992 and is perfect for (tow rated) low airtime pilots.  Being held over the Easter 4 day weekend guarantees (mostly) fine & mellow conditions with easy  landings wherever you fly.  Birchip FTTF web page.  During the 2000's this competition used to be fully subscribed within a half hour of opening for entries.  2024 FTTF entry form                     Birchip waypoints on Google map

Big K week.  This is an un-organised non competition.  It starts on the last weekend in November and runs for a week.  The purpose is to give pilots an opportunity to improve their best distance flights.  The time of year is at the tail end of the windy months and the beginning of the booming conditions also while the grain harvest is on so lots of thermal triggers (harvesters) are driving around in the paddocks.  The perfect storm if you want to go long.  Just show-up (with your tow gear) form a tow/retrieve team with other pilots and enjoy.

Many pilots have exceeded 300km flying at Big K.        Big K distance flown map