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How to download waypoints from the AirScore site.

scroll to bottom of page for links

If a competition is to be scored on AirScore (xc.highcloud.net) then that is where you should source your waypoints.

By doing this you can ensure that you are using the same waypoints that the scorer is using.

There are links to waypoint sets at the bottom of the page. 

The link will take you to a map page showing the waypoints.

Click the arrow on the far left.

Waypoint Map

A download panel will open showing the name of the waypoint set.

Choose the appropriate format for your navigation instrument.

OziExplorer; CompeGPS; SeeYou (.cup); or UTM

Click the download button.

Import into your navigation software from your downloads folder. 

xchighcloud wp dl2

Click here --> CorryongHG2015 for the waypoints used at the Corryong Cup


Click here --> Birchip2022 for the waypoints used at the Flatter Then The Flatlands


To select waypoints for a different competition go to


and use the search box to find and open your competition.

On the next page look in the masthead banner for a 'Waypoints" button and click it. 

Now follow the instruction from the top of this page. 

You must ensure that you are downloading the correct waypoints set for your competition.